#Relationship Tip
– Many time I hear from couples “Our fights are over the littlest of things”.
– Many small hurts, misunderstandings and poor jokes overtime destroy feelings of intimacy and connection.
– Pay attention to how often you brush aside things that hurt your partner as silly OR nothing.
– Decrease or stop these hurts.
– Your relationship MATTERS
your RELATIONSHIP is a gift.

“Getting The Love You Want” couples weekend workshops is the opportunity for couples to immerse their relationship in an educational, relationship skilling event. You will experience a safe and comfortable environment to become conscious of the relationship you HAVE and with your partner become the relationship you WANT.

Francis Borg Imago workshop presenter.

It is never too early or too late to Get the Love You Want…

” Getting the Love You Want” – Imago Couples Workshops date for 2021 as follows;-
Venue: Clayfield, Brisbane.

23, 24 & 25 July 2021.
Taking registrations www.brisbaneimagorelationshipcounselling.com/test-page-workshops NOW or call Francis Now 0406 949 921

Imago Couples Workshop February, 2021.

To Register for the next workshop starting
Friday: 23 JULY, 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Saturday 24 July 9am – 6pm
Sunday : 25 July 9am – 5pm
Contact Francis today and start to change the relationship you have into the ONE YOU WANT, phone
0406 949 921 or
email: francis@brisbanenorthcounselling.com.au

About the workshop

With his bestselling book, “Getting the Love You Want” Harville Hendrix PhD created a set of tools for transforming relationships. This educational workshop is based on Dr Hendrix’s work.

Workshop Goals:
* To provide you with the opportunity to spend a distraction-free weekend focused on your relationship.

* To develop effective and loving communication skills.

* Uncover the source of frustration within your relationship that will move you to a higher level of functioning as a couple.

* To experience a potentially life-changing experience that will impact not only YOU (the couple) but also the children you are raising.

* To help you learn your partners love language.

* To send you home with a jointly created vision of what your ideal relationship will look like and knowledge of tools necessary to take you on the journey to a safe and passionate marriage and relationship.

The workshop is right for you:
* If you want to enrich/ deepen a good relationship.

* If it’s early in your relationship and you would like to establish solid foundations and healthy communication patterns.

*If your long term relationship is lacking energy, passion, and a sense of connection.

* If your relationship is near death and you want to see if it can be saved.

You will learn how to:

• Successfully express your own desires
• Create romance, fun, and intimacy
• Experience the value of connection
• Reduce conflicts

Friday: 23, July, 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Saturday: 24 July, 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 25 July, 9am – 5 pm.

Venue: 23 Victoria Street, Clayfield. 4011.

Cost: $1050.00 per couple registration and to be paid in full before the 16 July, 2020.
(limited couple registrations).
Early bird payment of $950.00 when registered by the 08 July, 2021.
Catering: Supper, morning, and afternoon teas are provided. BYO Lunch or venture out to local eateries.
Workshop manuals provided.

February 2021, GTLYW couples workshop.

Thank you Francis for your guidance and support. AH

?Exceptional. The tool set that the Imago workshop has provided us with, can only be beneficial.
Francis Borg was awesome as a presenter. We never lost focus throughout the entire workshop. JM

Francis was an excellent facilitator who was aptly held the couples attention and kept the dialogue going.
Well done Francis. It was great! My husband was quite resistant to many exercises BUT we got there. VH

?I enjoyed the workshop. Enough time was created in the workshop to understand, learn and retain information.
Well presented and the Francis’s warm personality made it easier to explore myself. NG

?This workshop really gets you to consider the impact you have on your relationship, rather than what the other person may or may not be doing.
Francis was knowledgeable and provided a safe and realistic environment to participate in. Thank you. NR

?Francis does a great job to understand the individual needs of a couple to guide them towards improvement. TP

Francis is confident and prepared on the material. She delivers the workshop a very professional manner.
Francis is confident, honest, open, and spoke from personal experience. NS

?Thank you Francis for being a great presenter. JW

September 2020, GTLYW couples workshop.

?Thank you Francis for giving us new tools for our relationship work and teaching us how to communicate more effectively. Francis was knowledgeable, wise, experienced compassionate. She held the workshop strongly in hand. It was a great experience. Sandra Simpson.

?I was apprehensive at first, however the workshop was great and exceeded my expectations. Francis was knowledgeable and open that encouraged others to share. Gavin Simpson.

?Thank you Francis for the tools and the encouragement to work through difficult times. You were warm, knowledgeable and respectful. Venita May.

Thank you Francis you preformed a miracle for us, you will never know how much you did for us. Francis was approachable, spoke in a clear, concise manner and I became excited about my marriage again. Granville May.

The workshop was GREAT. Francis was Just great, open honest and accepting. Greg Davis.

?Francis was supportive and warm. A lovely safe space to share. The workshop was a great format lead by a capable and approachable woman. Dana lee.

June 2020
1. exactly what my marriage needed! Tools to communicate and express love beyond the romantic phase. The workshop was well presented and well paced. Thank you Francis. Shelly Lyford.

2. Francis is very knowledgeable and passionate about Imago and uses it herself within her relationship. Marita Dore.

3. Well versed in the material and very approachable. Anthony Dore.

4.Francis is warm and open, and shares examples from herself and her relationship. Very useful helpful to gain understanding. Karen Strack.

5. Francis Borg delivered the workshop in a very enjoyable way. Insightful, knowledgeable, thoughtful and helpful. Glenn Lyford.

February 2020.
1. Francis is an inspirational presenter and changed the way I communicate in my relationship. Learning the new dialogues – opens up a world of communications. Jan Pienaar

2. Thanks for supplying us with skills to make our relationship GREAT. Remona Horn.

3. Thank you, Francis, for sharing your knowledge and experience. You are a very engaging presenter. Mary Timms

4. Enlightening, supportive and so practical. I am excited to implement these skills and feel more of the connection I rediscovered this weekend. Jenna Williams.

Francis is known for genuine welcoming nature, sharing her vulnerability and passion for relationships, the human condition, and her positive energy. She connects with insight to her clients’ needs as they journey together towards that much longed for state of connection, love and being understood.

For more information or to Register please email francis@brisbanenorthcounselling.com.au or mobile 0406 949 921

Register by contacting Francis Borg: francis@brisbanenorthcounselling.com.au or 0406-949-921
The Workshop is facilitated by Francis Borg (Certified Imago Relationship Therapists and Workshop presenters).

Relationship Counselling with Brisbane North Counselling

A professional Relationship counsellor can help in the following ways:

  • assist with exploring past relationships and to understand and deal with the challenges you face as a result of this reflection
  • identify your needs and wants and to recognise your feelings
  • make conscious and assist in recognising behaviours that are not helpful to you
  • support you as you explore and begin to make choices and work towards changing unhelpful behaviours, for example through developing and practising effective communication and listening techniques
  • assist you to accept responsibility for your own actions and reactions, behaviours and language, which maybe something very new to you.
  • assist you both as you rediscover the love and passion of togetherness
  • promote you both as a models of relationships for your children.

Relationships are one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of our day to day lives. Experiencing companionship, love, belonging, trust and comfort in another presence and reciprocating these feelings to another in return is essential for our physical and mental health. Relationships contribute greatly to that much longed for search for peace.

What you may gain from couples counselling:

When you commit to couples counselling at Brisbane North Counselling, you will gain skills and the ability to rebuild and maintain healthy relationships

  • enhance your communication style and that you will ready begin to practise outside the counselling room
  • promote the develop of trust
  • assist you as you gain strategies to move through old hurts,
  • assist you with skills to deal with your emotions
  • improve and develop communication skills to turn conflict into contact and togetherness
  • assist you in gaining further insights into what is really behind the conflict
  • provides practical skills to turn the storm in your relationship to the calm you long for
  • resolve long standing difficulties/misunderstandings
  • assist by promoting practical skills to help you have a home of hope, connection and happiness.

Relationships are one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of our day to day lives. Experiencing companionship, love, belonging, trust and comfort in another presence and reciprocating these feelings to another in return is essential for our physical and mental health. Relationships contribute greatly to that much longed for search for peace.

Yet most of us would also have experienced the cost of love and trust when a close relationship breaks down or ends suddenly. Following the end of a close relationship, feelings of anguish, turmoil, emptiness and a sense of disconnection can very quickly consume our whole being with that sense of peace absolutely shattered.

For some of us, a brief reflection on past relationships reveals a cycle whereby the end of relationships are quickly followed by the establishment of new relationships that, although seeming to flourish initially, all too often end in similar and unsatisfactory circumstances.

Are you at near break-up point and would like support in giving the relationship another shot? Or would you like more fun and enjoyment in your relationship? Relationship or marriage counselling at Brisbane North Counselling can be an opportunity to talk openly about your relationships in a confidential and friendly space. It can help you discover the rewards of real love and the little things that make it last.