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Imago therapy was developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. It is based on various psychological and theoretical ideas that relate to your ideas, perception and ‘image’ (imago in latin) of love, which is based around your family environment and upbringing. Visit for more information on Image Therapy.
Couples who are committed to a long, sustaining relationship, who want to be in control of their own growth and happiness or want to improve and develop their relationship can benefit from Imago Therapy. Imago therapy will explore and unfold individual vulnerabilities and allow you as a couple to understand why you are the way you are. Your relationship counsellor will act more like a coach, than a therapist, allowing a natural flow of listening and talking, known as contingent communication. As you are guided through your sessions, your Brisbane North Counselling therapist will equip you, as a couple, with effective strategies to better communicate and resolve conflict with one another.
Your North Brisbane Counselling therapist will be a conduit between you and your partner with the aim of getting a good flow of communication in a talk/listen style. Rather than being analysed by your therapist you will be encourage to talk, open up and develop a better understanding of one another. Your therapist will guide you through the session and at the end you will find yourself equipped with long-lasting skills in communication and conflict resolution.
It is difficult to say exactly how many sessions you will need but typically committing to six to eight sessions will provide you with the time needed to develop a stronger understanding of one another and equip you with strategies to manage conflict that inevitably arises in relationships.
Brisbane North Counselling is a location in the north of Brisbane in the leafy suburb of Boondall, 127 Roscommon Road, Bondall. Our homely office is private, comfortable and offers plenty of street parking.
It is difficult to say how many sessions a couple or individual will need to improve their relationship or themselves but if you are committed to making a change then engaging a therapist is the first positive step towards this.
Couples counselling will equip you with long-term strategies for better communication and conflict resolution. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner allowing you to be more compassionate and act in a way that will enrich your relationship.
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As a professional counsellor, we are bound by a code of ethics to keep all information about our clients, including your personal data, private and confidential.


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