While pregnancy and birth is a natural process for most women and has been throughout the ages, it can equally be said that pregnancy can bring with it a range of ailments from the slightly uncomfortable to the very greatest discomfort.

Francis believes passionately in informing, educating and including women and their partner throughout the journey of growth (pregnancy), labour and birth. Through becoming better informed about pregnancy and birth people are empowered to make informed choices during their pregnancy and childbirth.

Francis offers sessions to inform and support women, their partners and their families during this time. Sessions may cover foetal growth from 12 weeks-28 weeks, nutrition during pregnancy, potential problems in pregnancy, posture, back pain, exercise, relaxation techniques, breast feeding and breastfeeding issues, relationship changes, labour, role of the support person, intervention and unexpected outcomes, post-natal care, baby safety and care of the newborn. Any other concerns can be addressed on an individual basis with Francis.