Counselling Services at Brisbane North Counselling

I work with people who need help with:

* Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling Addiction

* Grief and Loss

* Anxiety

* Panic Attacks

* Bereavement

* Spiritual or Religious Matters

* Depression

* Self Esteem

* Domestic Violence

* Suicide Assessment and Intervention

Couples Counselling

is about working working through a relationship and communication difficulties. It requires a commitment from both people, who are supported and encouraged to be open about their desires and needs, and where they want the relationship to go.

Ante and post natal depression

This service provides a safe and supportive environment for women experiencing ante-natal or post-natal depression.

Family therapy

looks at the behaviours and interactions which occur within a family. Issues causing difficulties for a particular member or members are identified, and changes aimed at resolving the difficulties are explored.

Couples Workshops

When you leave this workshop, you will be aware of the baggage you collected as a child that has impacted on adult relationships ...

Relationship Counselling

When you commit to couples counselling at Brisbane North Counselling, you will gain skills and the ability to rebuild and maintain healthy relationships

Individual counselling

services offer a person a face to face session with the counsellor. The sessions are private and confidential and provide an opportunity to work towards desired outcomes.

Group sessions

Group Sessions are for people struggling with similar problems who may benefit from participating in a group. A weekly commitment is required, for up to six weeks. You meet with ...

Grief & Loss counselling

Dealing with the loss you are experiencing can be difficult to handle on your own. Feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety and withdrawal are common reactions to loss and these emotions can often make daily life stressful and unmanagable.

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    We have been seeing Francis for 3 months and couldn't recommend her highly enough. Francis has a genuine love for what she does and it shows in her care and attention in our most vulnerable situations. She has given my husband and myself priceless insight into our relationship and also the tools required to strenghten the bonds between us. We never once thought we can communicate as well as we are now. Thanks so much Franchis you have been wonderful!
    Attending the group counselling sessions that Francis facilitates was and continues to be a great help. In the months after losing Patrick I would find myself looking forward to the next meeting where not only could we talk about our children and how we are going day to day. There is nothing like sitting down with other parents who have lost children too. When you say 'it's been a hard week', they know they really know.