Grief and Loss

A loss might include the death of a partner, a child or other family member. Loss might come with separation, divorce or the loss of day to day contact with children as they become independent. For some, loss of employment, income or title can also bring about this emotional response of grief.

Dealing with the loss you are experiencing can be difficult to handle on your own. Feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety and withdrawal are common reactions to loss and these emotions can often make daily life stressful and unmanagable. Loss and grief can sometimes lead to sleep difficulties and more seriously insomnia and other major health risks.

Seeking help from a professional counsellor offers you with practical and emotional support you may need to manage your emotions and daily life.

“Each of these losses can cause an array of emotions including pain, anger, confusion, tearfulness, silence or deep sadness. Grief is a normal response, and associated emotions will change and diminish with time.”

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    What you may gain from grief counselling?

    Grief becomes a concern when a person remains stuck with these emotions, often dominated by a kind of recurrent “elastic band” effect where certain behaviours become the norm. You seem to be moving along with your grief, then suddenly snap and retract back into those first raw days of intense emotion.

    Being stuck in this cycle prevents you from moving on to new relationships, happiness, to normality in your life and to developing hope for the future.

    If you are experiencing grief or if you know someone who is struggling and stuck in their response to loss, going along to see a professional grief counsellor can be a positive step to deal with and transition from this state. Act now – make an appointment with me and let us begin to plan your future and empower you to live well with your loss.