September 2020, GTLYW couples workshop.

Thank you Francis for giving us new tools for our relationship work and teaching us how to communicate more effectively. Francis was knowledgeable, wise, experienced compassionate. She held the workshop strongly in hand. It was a great experience. Sandra Simpson.

I was apprehensive at first, however the workshop was great and exceeded my expectations. Francis was knowledgable and open that encouraged others to share. Gavin Simpson.

Thank you Francis for the tools and the encouragement to work through difficult times. You were warm, knowledgeable and respectful. Venita May.

Thank you Francis you preformed a miracle for us, you will never know how much you did for us. Francis was approchable, spoke in a clear, concise manner and I became excited about my marriage again. Granville May.

The workshop was GREAT. Francis was Just great, open honest and accepting. Greg Davis.

Francis was supportive and warm. A lovely safe space to share. The workshop was a great format lead by a capable and approachable woman. Dana lee.

The communication tools that I learnt with Francis really helped me to get to know my partner, and greatly helped us to build a connection. The Imago Therapy sure had some "lightbulb" moments for me, where I could see how my past life experiences were impacting on how I saw the world today. I recommend Francis for any couples wanting a closer connection.   Kirsty February 2016

Kirsty-February 2016

My partner and I have had some relationship sessions with Francis and I have the book Getting The Love You Want at home now and I read it and read as it makes so much sense.for me. We are so much more connected.   Sue September 2015

Sue- September 2015

I have a greater understanding as to why I react the way I do thank you Francis for helping me so much. I now have so much more skill and calming myself down and enjoying being me.   Rachel October 2015

Rachel- October 2015

Attending the group counselling sessions that Francis facilitates was and continues to be a great help. In the months after losing Patrick I would find myself looking forward to the next meeting where not only could we talk about our children but also how we were going day to day. There is nothing like sitting down with other parents who have lost children too. When you say 'Its been a hard week' they know, they really know.

Jeanine – Sept 2012

My husband and I started seeing Francis for relationship counselling after the birth of our second child.  We had always experienced communication issues, but the extra stress of a new baby and a toddler (as well as life's other pressures) made things very difficult.  We were fighting and unhappy. We made contact with Francis and started uncovering our individual issues and started to see how they are affecting our marriage.   We could now see what needed to change so that we could work through them.  We still have a way to go, but our communication style is evolving with each session.  The Imago Dialogue that Francis is teaching us, allows us to express our feelings and concerns knowing that the other is really listening and it frees us from the fear that what will be said could be hurtful.  It is taking the tension out of our home and away from our children.  We would recommend this therapy to others experiencing problems within their relationship, as it is certainly giving us hope and helping us reconnect as a couple.

D Archer – July 2013

My counselling experience with Francis opened my eyes. I now know how to recognise the forces that can pull a relationship apart, and Francis has shown me how to replace them with behaviours that are relationship strengthening. This is for everyone who wants to save a damaged relationship, and even for those who are simply looking to become better communicators within a working relationship.

Ian – June 2013

Since we have started seeing Francis our communication skills have improved so much. We were at a point where we didn’t feel we could have open and honest communication so we had shut down.  Francis has shown us how to have an open dialog and understand and accept each other’s point of view. Even after one session I felt as though I was meeting my husband again and seeing the man that I fell in love with when we first met.  We are really learning how important it is to listen to your partner, how to really listen and validate your partner’s feelings.  It is so refreshing to have an ease of conversation again and be on the same page. We both know that we still have a long way to go but with Francis’s support we feel so much more confident that our relationship will only get stronger.  If we had not started seeing Francis we are not sure where we would be in our relationship.

Tracey – March 2013